The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate past Chair, standing committee chairs, Cumberland County School Superintendent (NC Pre-K Co-Chair) or designee and may include two other directors of the Board to be appointed by the Chair and approved by the Board.  If the immediate Past Chair is unable or unwilling to serve, the Board of Directors may approve the service of another Past Chair in the place of the immediate Past Chair.  The Executive Committee shall have and may act in the capacity of the Board between meetings of the Board except when acting in matters of bylaws revisions, Board director or officer nominations, and except as limited by N.C.G.S. 55A-8-25.  The Executive Committee shall not have the authority to reverse decisions previously made by the full Board. The Chair shall present a report to the Board of the actions taken in its place by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may also present a Consent Agenda for the Board’s approval as outlined in Article IV Section 8.

The Executive Committee meets bi-monthly or as called by the Chair to review operational, programmatic, and financial matters.  It may deal with urgent situations that cannot wait for the next full Board meeting, specific questions referred to the committee by the Board, issues that need preliminary discussion and refinement before the Board considers them, or routine matters that do not require full Board disposition.  The Executive Committee is charged with the responsibility of establishing, implementing, and reviewing the bylaws where appropriate. All revisions to these bylaws or Articles of Incorporation are to be approved by the Board with ten days written notice of the review of said revisions.

The Executive Committee will work in conjunction with the Human Resource Committee and the Chair when selecting a President.  The Executive Committee members are also responsible for assessing the performance of the President by providing confidential written input to the Chair (utilizing the evaluation tools and methodology recommended by the Human Resource Committee and approved by the Board).  The Chair will provide this data to the Executive Committee in a summarized report.  The President works closely with this committee and members serve as his/her principal support and sounding board.

Executive Committee meets the last Thursday bi-monthly – 9:00am – 11:00am

2021-2022 Executive Committee Packets

21-1028 Executive Meeting Canceled

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