At the Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, we focus on support for families with children birth to 5 years old. Our vision is to live in an economically prosperous community where families are successful, and children thrive. Our priorities are Advancing Children’s Well‑being, Strengthening the Early Care and Education System, and Empowering Families.

Help us in our ongoing efforts to ensure all children receive a sound education, beginning at birth, and families receive the support they need to ensure success.

Cumberland County, N.C. Impact

When families feel empowered with knowledge and tools, and supported with programs of child care and education affordability (subsidy), education and support, they can build nurturing and safe homes for their children, and support their development. Family empowerment fortifies their strengths to promote child safety, success, health, and overall well-being.

In collaboration with the Cumberland County Department of Social Services through a state-level subsidy contract, millions of dollars gets allocated to support more than an estimated 3,400 low-income families who meet specific service criteria in accessing child care subsidies.
Parents of children can receive support to offset the cost of child care and help them meet educational goals through a partnership with Fayetteville
Technical Community College
– Parents for Higher Education
program. FTCC Students with children 0 to 5 years of age (not in Kindergarten) may qualify if they are unable to receive funding through Cumberland County DSS and earn less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

Partnership for Children’s Child Care Subsidy program provides financial assistance with the purchase of child care for more than 100 children to offset the cost and help parents meet employment, education, crisis care, or other needs.

Committed to Cumberland County

The Family Resource Center serves as a community hub for connecting families with children birth to age 5 to the information, resources, and services they need to support their child’s optimal health and development. The center provides a highly coordinated system of family services and supports to improve family well-being.

Housed within the center are like-minded organizations that align with the goals and mission of the Partnership to strengthen the availability of services to meet the needs of families in the community.

Help us achieve our vision of living in an economically prosperous community where families are successful, and children thrive.

Established in 1993, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by public and private funds through Smart Start, NC Pre-K, tax-deductible donations, and grants.