Free Diapers for Families who Qualify

The Partnership for Children is proud to host the Diaper Bank of North Carolina’s Truckload of Hope. Because of the Truckload of Hope program, we are able to provide FREE diapers for families who qualify. For your safety and convenience, we provide a drive-thru diaper distribution.

Free Diaper Program

What Time: 8:30* am and closes promptly at 10:30 am or while supplies last. (*No one will be allowed on site until 8:30 am.)

Where: Partnership for Children Family Resource Center, 351 Wagoner Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303.

No same-day registration. We cannot hold diapers for later pick-up.)

Diapers For Kids

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • If you or someone in your home are sick, please STAY HOME.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Stay in your vehicle at all times.
  • Please be patient.
  • Follow the instructions of our staff.

Diaper Drive Dates

Registration OpensRegistration ClosesDrive-Thru Date
Oct 15Nov 8Nov 13
Nov 15Dec 6Dec 11
Dec 15Jan 3Jan 8
Jan 15Feb 7Feb 12
Feb 15March 7March 12
March 15April 4April 9
April 15May 9May 14
May 15June 6June 11

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Each registered household receives one supply of disposable diapers per child. We cannot provide diapers to multiple parents, caregivers, or grandparents for the same child.

Children in diaper sizes 5 and smaller will receive 50 diapers per child. Children in diaper size 6 or pull-ups will receive 30 diapers per child. We cannot provide diapers for expecting families.

You must bring identification for each child (ex. birth certificate, live birth record from the hospital, military ID, insurance card, passport, Medicaid card, social security card, or other documentation).

Households who register and no-show twice will no longer qualify to receive diapers.

When you register online, you are required to answer a few qualifying questions. Why do we ask so many questions? Because we want to ensure we have enough diapers for your children and gather the information we need to expand this program to help more families.

The Diaper Bank of NC and Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, Inc. will keep your information private. We will not share your names, address, phone number, email address, or personal information. Data reported to grant funders will not include any names and will only report information about the group (ex. % of military families, etc.).


Truckload of Hope is the first-ever Mobile Diaper Bank in the country. This mobile unit allows the Diaper Bank of NC to expand its reach and travel to areas identified with the most need. The truck first rolled into Fayetteville on June 3, 2017, with its inaugural shipment of diapers.

Growing awareness of diaper needs among active-duty service members provided the catalyst for launching Truckload of Hope. A survey of NC military families conducted on behalf of Diaper Bank of NC found that 63% of respondents felt having enough diapers was a significant concern and 74% felt that diapers were a significant expense.

“We receive hundreds of requests for diapers from military families and from support organizations working with military families,” said Michelle Old, DBNC Executive Director.

Because there is a need in the Fayetteville area, The Diaper Bank of NC works with the Partnership for Children to identify and register families who qualify. Both military and civilian families are eligible to receive diapers.

Help us in our efforts to ensure all children receive a sound education, beginning at birth, and families receive the support they need to ensure success.