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    What is the State of Child Well-Being in Cumberland?

    Check out the Interactive online data tool which delivers a timely, robust, easy-to-use snapshot of children’s overall well-being in the 100 counties in NC.

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    PFC Recognized in Playbook for Becoming an Early Learning Community

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    Time is of Essence!

    When we invest in children’s earliest years, we get a lifetime of results for our children, our state and our economy.

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    Resources available to you!

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    PFC making a difference

    Thanks to our partners for helping us ensure young children are ready for kindergarten. Check out the our community indicators to see our progress.

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    PFC Announces Our New Vision, & Mission Statements

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OUR MISSION: Be the driving force to engage partners to achieve lasting, positive outcomes for all children, beginning at birth.

PFC Resource Center

The PFC Resource Center brings together a host of diverse organizations under one roof, creating a unique and centrally located home for organizations dedicated to helping families with children.

A Parent’s Best Resource Connection

The Family Resource Center works to improve the well-being of children and strengthen families in Cumberland County by equipping parents with high quality parenting enrichment classes and support groups, as well as promptly connecting them to other needed family resources.

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