The Public Engagement and Development Committee (hereafter referred to as the PED Committee) is chaired by a Board director.  Committee members total a minimum of six with two Board directors and four non-Board participants. The PED Committee will meet a minimum of quarterly or as called by the chair and works with the President in carrying out its responsibilities as directed in these bylaws.

The PED Committee leads the Board’s participation in public education and fund development.  The PED Committee develops policies, plans, procedures, and schedules for Board involvement in public education and fund development.  It helps educate Board directors about the importance of early childhood development (Corporation’s program plans) and the resources needed to realize those plans. It can familiarize Board directors with fundraising skills and techniques for comfort in raising money. The PED Committee is the Board’s central source of information about early childhood climate in general and about the status of the Corporation’s fund development in particular.  The PED Committee shall recommend guidelines for Board director contributions.  It also plays a strong role in identifying, cultivating, and approaching major donors.

2018-2019 PED Committee Packets including meeting agendas and minutes.

2019-2020 PED Committee Packets including meeting agenda and minutes.