For NC Pre-K Providers

2020-2021 Forms

  • Add Change Lead Teacher Request
  • Add Change Site Administrator Request Form
  • Add Change TA Request
  • Assurance Statement for Directors
  • Attachment G – Federal (Private, HS and CCS)
  • Child Application Fillable
  • Child Application Submission Form
  • Children’s Medical Report – English
  • Children’s Medical Report – Spanish
  • Child Transfer Form
  • Dental Screening Form
  • Early Childhood Behavioral Engagement and Developmental Needs Report
  • Family Engagement Plan
  • Limited English Proficiency Plan
  • Monthly Student Report
  • NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form – English
  • NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form – Spanish
  • Prevention of Suspension and Expulsion Plan
  • Program Eligibility Form (Scorecard)
  • Quarterly Report
  • Region 5 Application for Technical Assistance
  • Site Improvement Plan
  • Student File Checklist
  • Site Monitoring Tool
  • Site Monitoring Tool Checklist
  • Teacher Commitment Agreement
  • Transition Plan
  • Transportation Plan

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NC Pre-K APP System

ASQ Online System

Early Educator Support, Licensure and Professional Development (EESLPD)

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