Child Care Providers are heroes. We are proud to spotlight Tabra’s Child Care.

Congratulations Tabra’s Child Care for Achieving Five Stars!

Tabra’s Child Care, owned and operated by Tabra Wesley, is a Five Star family child care home located in Stoney Point subdivision of Fayetteville. 

Mrs. Tabra has been in business for 20 years, dedicating her time to care for young children, nurture young hearts, educate young minds, promote self-reliance, and build strength to believe in one’s self. Mrs. Tabra is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. With all she has accomplished, Mrs. Tabra has put in the hard work to see her FCCH business achieve a 5-Star Rated License! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

In 2002, Mrs. Tabra was able to achieve her dream of operating her own child care business.  A relative who owned a successful child care business decided to retire and saw the ambitions, goals, and qualifications of Mrs. Tabra.  Without any hesitation, when asked if she was interested in acquiring the child care business, she immediately said yes!  Twenty years later, she’s still building, working, and thankful for the opportunity to achieve her dream. Mrs. Tabra believes every child deserves the chance to succeed in life: children with special needs, challenging behaviors, and/or disabilities.  According to Mrs. Tabra, she wants to be a “pillow of support” for parents who do not have a support system.  She believes we all need to work together as a village to raise children that will succeed in life.

Mrs. Tabra relies on communication with parents. Her parents have expressed their appreciation of the care their children receive. The compliments are an indication of her accomplishments and making a difference in both the lives of children and families. The biggest achievement is shown in the smiles of the children as they walk through her door. 

Favorite Quote: “You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Encouragement/Advice for Other Providers:  Welcome each child with an open mind, recognizing each child’s needs, abilities, and weaknesses.


  • She wants to continue providing the best care for all children, helping them grow into unique individuals. 
  • Completing her Bachelor’s Degree.