Early Education Professionals are Heroes. We are proud to spotlight Savannah’s Smiles Family Childcare

Savannah Yeager is the owner of Savannah’s Smiles Family Childcare located in Fayetteville NC. She opened in July 2021 with her temporary license, and six months later she was awarded her 5-star license. This is what you call dedicated and goal-driven. REMARKABLE!!!

Savannah knew that she would one day open her own family child care working with young children. After working for Head Start since 2017 in northwest TN, Savannah was laid off. Shocked that she had been laid off and trying to decide what to do next, God opened a door of opportunity. It was time for her to do the job she dreamed of. She knew as a child what she would name her business, and her business logo is made from her daughter’s handprint and past children’s drawings that were given to her. Savannah’s mission is how she always perceived early childhood education to look like: partnering and becoming part of families’ lives through support, advocacy, learning, and teaching. Additionally, Savannah went to college and now holds an Associate’s and Bachelors’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

Savannah’s words of encouragement: “Keep your head up, early childhood careers can be hard but look for the little and simple moments with the children, that’s what keeps me going.” 

Favorite quote: “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood” Fred Rogers.

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