Child Care Providers are heroes. We are proud to spotlight Hearts for Children Childcare and Learning Center.

Cornelia Burke, Owner/Operator of Hearts for Children Childcare and Learning Center. She opened the center in September 2021 after initially opening her first child care business as a Family Child Care Home in June 2018. Her love for children led her to grow from serving up to eight children in her home to serving 105 children per shift operating 24 hours in her center. Prior to going into the child care business, Cornelia owned ABC’s & 123’s Tutoring Service.  She has worked for over 20 years with children in different capacities.

After Cornelia’s 16+ years in child care, she believes, “when you have a heart for children and you see them struggling with the basics of what they need to take themselves to the next level your heart hurts.” In 2019, Cornelia received the “Shining Star Champion” award from the Partnership for Children. This exemplifies the perseverance Cornelia has displayed by serving children and her community. Cornelia definitely has a heart for children, and her work continues to shine!