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Karen Walker, MS., Psy., ABA

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Karen Walker, MS in Psy. with a specialization in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Karen Walker is a wife, proud mother, and doting grandmother of ten grandchildren. Karen Walker started with the Partnership for Children as a Healthy Social Behavior Specialist (HSB) in 2014. In July 2019 Karen accepted the position and challenge of the Fidelity Coach for Region 5 under the Healthy Social Behavior Initiative. The Pyramid Model Fidelity Pilot was designed to test the theory that foundational Pyramid Model Training, combined with weekly coaching by highly experience HSB Fidelity Coaches and supplemented with funding for classroom social-emotional materials, would enable- classroom lead and assistant teachers to achieve Fidelity on Pyramid Model practice implementation within one year. Karen continued to serve our community and educator even during the onset of Covid-19 in NC in March 2020; which resulted in Executive orders, to ensure, Teachers and Educators could be supported during this difficult time. Through the Fidelity Project Program, Karen is dedicated and passionate about the possibilities of growth, enrichment, and implementation of the Pyramid Model for the Early Educators of our community. In 2019 this project was the first in North Carolina to set Flight in Soaring to the Successes we have now reached today.

Trinity Child Care Completes Pyramid Model Training

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