Trinity Child Care completes year-long Pyramid Model training designed to reduce suspensions and expulsions of preschool students.

There is so much information related to the Early Care and Education System. However, many have not heard of the Pyramid Model. The Pyramid Model was developed by two nationally, federally-funded research and training centers: The Center for the Social-Emotional Foundations for Early Learning and The Technical Assistance Center on Social-Emotional Intervention for Youth Children. Based on a decade of evaluation data, the Pyramid Model has been shown to be a sound framework for the Early Care and Education Systems.

Trinity Child Care uses the Pyramid Model in Fayetteville, NC, Cumberland County. On October 17, 2022, they were recognized for achieving Pyramid Model Fidelity. Trinity has developed in-house staff to ensure the Pyramid Model practices are supported throughout the facility, both with children and staff.

Trinity was one of nine childcare centers chosen across the state to participate in the Pyramid Model Fidelity Pilot program. They have postured their classrooms to be a model for other centers in our community to visit and learn from in order to widen the awareness of the need and importance of Social and Emotional Development in the lives of the children we serve. This program is part of the Healthy Social Behaviors Project, funded by the NC Division of Child Development.

Trinity worked with the Partnership for Children of Cumberland County’s Fidelity Coach, Karen Walker, to improve teacher and program practices that promote young children’s social-emotional development. The Pyramid Model Fidelity program improved teacher awareness of the essential need to focus and teach social-emotional skills to the children in Trinity’s care while providing teachers with support to strengthen their professional skills. This was accomplished through professional development opportunities for staff and practice-based coaching for all teachers in classrooms from birth to five years old. This accomplishment is especially significant, as the center remained committed to its goal of Pyramid Model Fidelity amid a global pandemic.

Research shows that a child needs social and emotional skills to succeed in the future. The more socially skilled children are, the more likely they are to succeed in school. Children enrolled at Trinity, from Birth to NC Pre-k, receive a continuity of care and support in best practice strategies that foster healthy social-emotional development. Teachers who work at Trinity are supported in best practice strategies that foster that same healthy social-emotional support to enable them to provide those strategies and skills to the children and families they serve. Children learn the social-emotional skills needed to be successful in school and life. Children at Trinity learn how to initiate and maintain healthy relationships, self-regulate feelings and emotions and attain skills for peaceful problem-solving.

Children spend more time engaged in classroom routines and activities, ultimately increasing learning opportunities. Parents are supported with strategies for the home. Teachers and staff provide specific social-emotional tools and materials to address areas of need for families. Whether planning transitions for a successful bedtime routine or designating a “Calming Space” in the home, Trinity teachers are prepared to support families in fostering healthy social-emotional development through a home/school connection.

Trinity’s enrollment is open to the public. They are located at 3727 Rosehill Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28311, 910-488-6779.