Since 1993, we have invested millions of dollars to design comprehensive programs that address the needs of children ages 0 to 5 and their families. Currently, our programs are evidenced-based or evidenced-informed, ensuring that children receive the highest-quality, services possible. By working with multiple programs and agencies across Cumberland County, PFC ensures that programs work together to create a cohesive, comprehensive continuum of early childhood services for children ages birth to five and their families.

Community Child Abuse Prevention Plan

In November 2017, the SOAR Team unveiled the Community Child Abuse Prevention Plan to the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners. Their vision is to make Cumberland County a safe and stable community where children are nurtured and families thrive. Learn what SOAR is doing to help keep children safe in our community and learn more about what you can do help.

Accounting & Contract Services

MAC services provides cost-effective financial services for local Partnerships in compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Information Technology Services

We support non-profit organizations through a comprehensive suite of cost-effective technology services.