Child Care Providers are heroes. We are proud to spotlight Children’s Playzone

Tonya Davis is the owner of Children’s Playzone a Child Care Home in Fayetteville, NC. After working at another facility, Tonya realized there was a need for more family child care homes. Because of her love for children and teaching, she started planning her own family child care home in December 2001 and opened her business in March 2002.

Tonya knew there was a need, met the need, and continues to provide for the needs of children and families. Additionally, Tonya wants to publicly recognize her appreciation for Lucretia Campbell for working alongside her 15+ years.  She thanks Lucretia for her service and dedication to the children, families, and the industry at large.

Tonya’s mission is to give the best care and make sure children know they are loved no matter what they may be doing or experiencing. She achieves her mission through giving love and teaching children the basics of learning. Her inspiration comes from the love she receives from the children and parents. Tonya knows she’s making a difference in the lives of both children and families. This is evident when family and friends who had children previously in Tonya’s care recommends her to others, because of the care she provided. It has been a continuous cycle of support.

Tonya’s words of encouragement to other providers: “I know every day isn’t an easy day, but I promise you it’s always worth it in the end. So, keep doing what you do, the babies need us!”

Favorite Quote: “The hands of our future lies in our children so let’s fill them with the tools needed to be successful.”