Early Education Professionals are heroes. Rowe’s Child Care Center, LLC & Rowe’s Childcare Afterschool Program.

Arnetha Rowe owns Rowe’s Child Care Center, LLC, and Rowe’s Childcare Afterschool Program; both facilities are located in Fayetteville. The child care center has a Four-Star License, and the afterschool program has a Five-Star License. Arnetha worked in the Mental Health field for many years, and she needed quality child care for her children. Her search for quality child care was challenging, so she decided to open a Family Child Care Home in 1995. She operated her Family Child Care Home until 2004 when she opened the two facilities she has now.

For the entirety of the pandemic, Arnetha kept both facilities operating to continue caring for children of parents who still had to work. Supporting families and providing opportunities for engagement are very important at Rowe’s. Family engagement activities include outdoor art displays using balloons (with snacks and care packages), field trips, a newsletter, and holiday celebrations. The staff is an essential part of both programs, and Arnetha gives them credit for working as a team to maintain their high-quality programming. In closing, Arnetha has the following words of wisdom to share: 

Love what you do

Make sure learning is fun

Families are looking for quality, so don’t settle.

Learn more about the Early Care and Educational Professionals and Program at Rowe’s Child Care Center, LLC, and Rowe’s Childcare Afterschool Program.