Early Education Professionals are heroes. We are proud to spotlight Cynthia’s Creative Kids Corner.

Cynthia Cockerham Wright, owner of Cynthia’s Creative Kids Corner, a child care center in Raeford. As a mother, Cynthia was very engaged in her children’s lives, and her house was a gathering place for many other children. As a result, Cynthia’s oldest son suggested that she open a child care facility. In June 2004, Cynthia became a child care owner licensed on Fort Bragg.

Family Engagement is a huge component of Cynthia’s Creative Kids Corner. Activities include Cynthia attending Saturday morning T-ball games, Fire Safety Community Days, and Community Fun Days. Cynthia is a natural caregiver, and her love for children is undeniable. She is most happy when the children are happy. Cynthia also credits her staff for the excellent care the children receive and the continual success of the business. Cynthia’s words of encouragement and wisdom include:

Lead by example

Incorporate families into your program

Invest money and resources into your business for the children

Build lasting relationships.

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