Kidz Kastle

Early Education Professionals are heroes. We are proud to spotlight Kidz Kastle 24-Hour Center & Recreational After School Care.

In 2003, Angela Wright, opened Kidz Kastle in Fayetteville, a four-star child care center and school-age program. Angela, a former family child care home provider, has been in the early childhood field since 1996. With Angela’s vast child care experience, she serves as a mentor to other child care providers in the area. Kidz Kastle’s mission is to empower families and strive to provide a happy, haven for children.

Kidz Kastle’s family engagement and community outreach are an intricate part of the program as an NC Pre-K site. Family engagement activities include outreach specific to single parents. Support to families has been so successful, adults who were served by the facility as a child now have children being served in the facility. Other family engagement activities include end-of-year pizza parties, field trips with parent volunteers, family and friend days, and support for children in sports.

Angela has the following words of wisdom to share:

If you have a vision, step out, you can do it

Help families truly from the heart

Keep your vision and mission at the forefront, money, and resource will come.

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