Tiny Town Day Care

Early Education Professionals are heroes. We are proud to spotlight Tiny Town Day Care.

Tiny Town Day Care is a family child care home in Hope Mills. Jeanette Cogdell is the owner/operator, and she opened her business in March 1996. Jeanette has been in Early Childhood for 26 years. In those 26 years, she has provided parents the assurance that their children are loved and well cared for while they work or go to school. Appropriately, Tiny Town Day Care’s mission is to provide love and care.

Sources of joy for Jeanette include: seeing the children happy, contributing to their growth and development, and continuing contact with her former students. Since the start of the pandemic, Jeanette maintained full enrollment for first and second shifts. Many of her families are essential workers, and she was glad to be available to them during difficult times.

Some advice Jeanette has to share includes:

Remember children are important, so treat them with love and care.

Always listen to children and have fun with them.

Know that you are making a great impact in the lives of children for generations.

Learn more about the Early Care and Educational Professionals and Program at Tiny Town Day Care.