Pre-Kindergarten in Cumberland County.

What am I applying for with the Let’s Get Enrolled Pre-K Application?

The Pre-K Application is for parents who wish to enroll their preschool-aged children in a high-quality Pre-Kindergarten classroom in Cumberland County. These Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are offered at participating Cumberland County Schools, Head Start programs, and licensed 4- and 5-Star child care centers.

Submitting an application does not guarantee placement. Placement is based on meeting eligibility requirements and the availability of funding.

Is Let’s Get Enrolled the same as NC Pre-K?

Let’s Get Enrolled is an online platform used by the Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, Cumberland County Schools, and Action Pathways to enroll eligible children into Pre-Kindergarten programs in Cumberland County.

Can I select where my child attends Pre-Kindergarten

If your child qualifies for one of the Pre-Kindergarten programs, you will have options that may include a Cumberland County Classroom, a Headstart Classroom, or a classroom in private child care.

What happens once I submit my application?

When you complete and submit an application, and the required documents, enrollment specialists review your application to determine eligibility for the programs you selected.

Proof of Age

Acceptable forms of Proof of Age:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Shot Record
  • Medical Records

Proof of Income

What can I use to prove my income?

Tax Forms

  • Current W-2’s
  • 1040 – Adjusted Gross line 7
  • 1099

Pay Stubs

  • If paid weekly
    • submit 4 consecutive pay stubs
  • If paid every-other week
    • submit 2 consecutive pay stubs
  • If paid monthly
    • submit at least one whole month’s pay stub

Award Letters

  • Social Security Administration
  • Employment Security Commission

Employer Written Statement

  • Must reflect the employee’s most recent pay periods
  • Must include the amount and frequency of pay (including overtime)
  • Must be signed by the employer
    Documented on letterhead (if available)

No Income/No Documentation Income

If you do not have an income or no documentation of income, please email us.

Let’s Get Enrolled is a collaboration between the Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, Cumberland County Schools, and Action Pathways. Our goal is to provide Cumberland County families with a path to high-quality early education for their preschool-aged children through 4- and 5-Star licensed child care providers in Cumberland County, Head Start, and Title 1 programs.