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Kerri Hurley
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Kindermusik will provide one-on-one training and coaching in utilizing music in daily lesson plans by modeling during 7 weekly sessions for classes of at-risk pre-kindergarten children and their teachers. Each teacher and child will receive Kindermusik curriculum materials including a parent/child magazine/book with story and CD allowing parents and children to build upon classroom experiences. Preschool teachers/assistants will learn methods through observing all class presentations so that concepts and musical activities can be integrated into the teacher’s daily lesson plans. The music professional/licensed Kindermusik Instructor will explore ideas and help develop activities with the preschool teacher utilizing music through numbers, shapes, colors, and letters; explore ways to share music in the child's world in the classroom and at home; and may provide follow-up consultation with preschool teachers to explore ways of enhancing daily experiences with the children. Music Therapy will be provided through one-on-one training and mentoring to improve teacher practice by a contracted Music Therapist for special needs infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at Dorothy Spainhour and special needs preschoolers in Early Intervention classes. Each infant and toddler teacher and child will receive Kindermusik curriculum materials including parent/child book and CD allowing teachers, parents and children to build upon classroom experiences.  If funding is available, children ages 3 and 4 at Dorothy Spainhour may receive a Kindermusik home kit.

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