The Family Focus Guide helps families and individuals in and around the Fayetteville area find resources in our community.

If you have a service-focused organization that serves families in the Fayetteville, Cumberland County area and would like to be listed, please email us at [email protected].

Organization Name
Chive Charities
Program Type
Program Description

Assists individuals with rare diseases with medically related financial needs, veterans and first responders in need of quality of life enhancements, and underfunded education programs and nonprofit organizations serving these populations.

Helps with medically related needs and quality of life enhancements. Purchases items directly for individuals, which typically include medical equipment, home modifications, and co-payments for treatments or medications not covered by the patient's insurance. Some examples: therapy equipment and sessions not covered by insurance, handicap accessible home and car modifications, mobility items, purchasing of developmental and learning devices, co-pays for medically necessary surgeries and medications, other medical needs as recommended by a medical professional.

Not able to assist with past medical bills, funeral costs, lost family income due to disability or death in the family, experimental procedures that do not have federal or other governmental body approval, In Vitro Fertilization Costs (IVF).