The Facility & Tenant Committee is chaired by a Board director. At a minimum the Facility & Tenant Committee should consist of four members, representing expertise in: tenant relations, facilities maintenance and lease negotiations. Membership should include Board and non-Board participants. The Facility & Tenant Committee will meet a minimum of quarterly or as called by the chair and works with the President in carrying out its responsibilities as directed in these bylaws. The purpose and functions of this Committee are:

  1. To review the exempt function activities performed by current and proposed tenants of the Corporation’s office building for suitability and approval of such tenants by the Board;
  2. To present formal findings to the Board that any current or proposed tenant has as its proper exempt functions purposes which are complementary or similar to those of the Corporation;
  3. That such current or proposed tenant is suitable for consideration by the Board to become a tenant of the Corporation;
  4. To make such recommendations to the Board regarding current, potential, and proposed tenants, leases, and leaseholds in the office building(s) owned by the Corporation as such Committee may deem necessary or appropriate;
  5. To review the purposes and activities of such tenants for continued suitability and compatibility with the activities and purposes of the Corporation, as it may find necessary or appropriate from time to time; and
  6.  To engage in activities incidental to the foregoing.

Such Committee shall also generally review the use and utilization of the Corporation’s property, plant, equipment, facilities, and assets for compliance with the Corporation’s exempt functions and purposes, as set forth herein and in the Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation.