The Partnership for Children of Cumberland County’s Board of Directors governs our organization by overseeing the administration and implementation of organizational vision and policy.

Our general committees act within the authority delegated by the Board. Depending on the committee, committee membership and participation may include both Board and non-Board participants.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs our organization by overseeing the organizational vision, policy administration, and implementation. Board members are responsible for:

  1. Build a competent board of directors
  2. Determine Mission and Vision
  3. Enhance the organization’s public standing
  4. Ensure effective strategic planning
  5. Ensure legal and ethical integrity
  6. Ensuring our organization has the financial resources required to provide financial oversite
  7. Monitor and strengthen programs and services to ensure our organization makes progress towards improving outcomes for local children and their families
  8. Protect assets and provide financial oversite
  9. Select a president
  10. Support and evaluate the president


We seek professional input and guidance from community members through a variety of committees. These committees are comprised of volunteers and Board members who participate in making decisions and supporting early childhood initiatives.

Committee activities are funnels for depositing ideas, interests, and issues for a full discussion. The committee process is an open forum supporting full discussion of issues and concerns in preparation for recommendations to the full Board.

The North Carolina Partnership for Children and the Smart Start Initiative help fund this work.

Help us in our efforts to ensure all children receive a sound education, beginning at birth, and families receive the support they need to ensure success.