Join the 10•10 Club!

Your contribution of $10 per month and commitment to 10 volunteer hours per year helps sustain the great programs impacting families in our community. Become a member of the Partnership’s 10•10 Club and discover how you can help make a difference.


Ariel view of many people coming together to form a heart shape. Image represents the 10-10 Club concept.

By joining the 10•10 Club, you will receive updates about:

  • our impact in the community
  • volunteer opportunities
  • our annual fundraiser, The Soiree

We have a giving option for everyone:

Option #1 Monetary Donation and Volunteer Hours  Only $10 per month and 10 volunteer hours a year to change lives of children and families in Cumberland County.

Option #2 Monetary Donation If you can’t commit to volunteering, we understand. Please select this option to make a $360 annual donation. You can designate $30 per month or a one-time donation of $360.

Option #3 Choose your own Donation Every dollar helps us reach our vision of successful children and a thriving community.