The Partnership for Children opened its doors nearly 30 years ago to support children and families uniquely. The core vision is to ensure that every child has the support to enter kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed. We do this by providing programs and supports that advance children’s well-being, empower families, and strengthen our early care and education system.

Current Funding Sources

  • State Awards and Contracts (Includes Smart Start Funding)
  • Federal Awards (Includes NC Pre-K and Preschool Development Grant)
  • Private Contributions, Fundraising, other Grants (Grantors include PNC Bank and Cumberland Community Foundation)
  • Investment Income
  • Other Receipts including Program income, Tenant fees, etc.

The original intent of the Smart Start initiative was to provide 25% of the local need, with the community and local support providing the balance of funds to meet needs. Currently, Cumberland County is meeting an estimated 18% of the need with available funding.

Updates and Program Support

Updates and Program Support PowerPoint Presentation

Updates and Program Support Hand-Out