Early childhood development means better futures for kids, and safer communities for us all. The choice is simple:  pay $75 billion each year for corrections or invest $75 billion over 10 year for preschool. Source: Invest in Early Education Now to Save on Incarceration Later

Drawing from research on preschool programs around the nation, the Fight Crime: Invest in Kids notes that high-quality care and education tends to mean:

  • Less child abuse and neglect: thanks in part to home-visiting and family-engagement programs.
  • Fewer behavior problems: in part because kids in preschool programs learn to share and take turns.
  • Better school outcomes: including less demand for special education.
  • Fewer dropouts: for example, Michigan’s Great Start Readiness program found that 58.3 percent of its participants graduated on time from high school in 2012, compared to 43 percent of nonparticipants.
  • Less crime: research has found that children in the Nurse-Family Partnership program are half as likely to be convicted of a crime by the time they reached age 19.
  • Fewer prisoners: by age 40, adults who attended the Perry Preschool program as children were 46 percent less likely than their peers to have been sentenced to prison or jail.
  • By one estimate, this 10-year investment in preschool will produce over two million additional high school graduates.