“High quality early education is not only important for the children it benefits, but also critical to ensuring our military’s long-term readiness.” So said Lt. Gen. Norman R. Seip, USAF (Ret.) of Mission: Readiness, a nonpartisan group of more than 200 general and admirals advocating for a stronger commitment to early childhood development. Source: Retired Military Brass Say Quality Early Learning Key to Nation’s Long-Term Security

  • A recent Defense Department estimate said up to 75% of today’s young adults aren’t qualified to join the military. Many couldn’t pass the basic exams for math, literacy and problem solving. Source: Ready, Willing and Unable to Serve
  • “We spend over $500 billion a year on integrated weapon systems and highly-trained personnel. We cannot afford to start turning our defense systems over to individuals who are poorly educated, have criminal records or are badly out of shape.” Source: www.missionreadiness.org

Talented minds and strong bodies are essential to military preparedness — and building them begins in early childhood. PFC programs help children develop the skills they’ll need to lead our nation into the future, and protect it here at home.