Help us reach families in a sweet way!

Many parents in our area need help getting connected to local resources and finding practical and useful parenting information. With your help, we can get families the resources and information they need to foster healthy, safe, and nurturing homes.

Do you have a knack for writing and a passion for helping families in our community? If so, this might be the club for you … plus, who doesn’t like cookies? (Disclaimer: We are not meeting in-person during COVID, so you will have to provide your own cookies when we meet virtually.)

So – what’s the deal with the cookies and content? The goal of the Content Cookie Club is to educate our community and connect families to resources. Cookies are just a yummy added bribe bonus!

How are you going to help us achieve the goal? You can help by being part of a community of individuals who write short stories about early childhood subjects. Plus, cookies!

Why is the Partnership doing this? Our vision is to be the leading and most trusted source of information about early childhood in our community. Plus, we feel there should be more activities centered around cookies.

Already a member looking to submit a pieces – Go for it!

A little more about the content …

We are looking for talented writers to help us tell the story of early care and education, and craft content that will connect families with young children to resources in our community. The Content Cookie Club members will create compelling content that resonates with families.

These stories will be published on the Partnership’s website and then shared through the Partnership’s social media channels. Topics will vary and could be anything from “tips for managing toddler tantrums” to “creating a smooth kindergarten transition” to “best local family-friendly events” or other family-related topics.

Research and writing can be done remotely. However, we hope that our volunteers are close enough that we can meet up from time-to-time. Final drafts will be submitted electronically through the Partnership’s website and are subject to editing for spelling, grammar, and content.

Our expectations….

We understand everyone has busy lifes, so we just need you to write a couple of pieces a year (just like cookies, there is always room for more!)

For complete details, we wrote a short and sweet description.

Want to help us take a sweet bite out of content? Email us today!