Be part of Little Land, a free family event, and reach parents of young children right here in our community. This is a direct marketing opportunity your company does not want to miss! We have several exclusive opportunities or a general sponsorship. We can also customize something specifically for your business/organization. Don’t miss out on this community engagement opportunity, all while supporting a local nonprofit.

Exclusive Sponsorships – $2,500 First Come, First Served 

Each exclusive sponsorship includes:  

  • Naming of the area and/or activity (YOUR COMPANY Safety Land – or another name mutually agreed upon)  
  • Single booth space (10’ x 10’ booth, one skirted table, two chairs, 8’ back wall, 3’ side walls, Electricity, and Wi-Fi): You must confirm use or donate your space back to PFC by January 10, 2025.   

Pre-Event Promotion:   

  • Company name in event promotional campaign  
  • Logo recognition on the event web page with a link to your company/organization  
  • Logo recognition in a post on the Little Land Facebook event page   
  • Recognition of the area/activity sponsor in all media releases promoting the area/activity   

Promotion at Event:   

  • Logo on the event map marking the area/activity   
  • Logo on event signage    
  • Logo on red carpet backdrop  
  • Logo on signage at the area and/or activity  

Character Land offers a unique and enchanting experience for children and families, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. By sponsoring this whimsical attraction, individuals or organizations can contribute to the following significant benefits:  

    • Fostering Imagination and Wonder  
    • Creating Lasting Memories  
    • Providing Inclusive Fun  
    • Enhancing Community Engagement  
    • Positive Brand Association  

The entryway into Little Land is a rainbow balloon arch, which sets the tone for the entire event experience. We provide superhero capes for the first 200 little ones to “fly” into the event under the rainbow. By sponsoring this area, you can ensure that families with young children feel welcomed and valued from the moment they arrive. This is one of the most photographed areas of Little Land. By sponsoring the entryway, you will help:  

  • Creating a Welcoming First Impression  
  • Enhancing Accessibility and Convenience  
  • Branding and Visibility  
  • Engaging with the Target Audience  
  • Providing a Memorable Experience  

In addition to the Exclusive Sponsorship benefits, this sponsorship includes your logo on the tickets redeemed for a cape.   

Jumbo Land is where children can play on jumbo attractions like inflatable obstacle courses, basketball courts, and more. It provides physical, social, and emotional development while promoting healthy lifestyles, fostering inclusive recreation, and strengthening family bonds through play. By sponsoring this attraction, you are contributing to:  

  • Promoting Active Play and Healthy Lifestyles  
  • Boosting Confidence and Social Skills  
  • Providing Inclusive Recreation  
  • Fostering Family Bonding  
  • Supporting Local Community Initiatives  
  • Brand Visibility and Positive Association  

Our Planning and Evaluation department hosts a family favorite – The Little Land Pier featuring the NC Aquarium. This sponsorship opportunity can yield tangible benefits for your business while creating a memorable and enriching family experience. With your sponsorship, you can help provide:  

  • Educational and Engaging Experience  
  • Environmental Awareness  
  • Brand Association with a Trusted Institution  
  • Interactive and Hands-On Experiences  

Safety Land provides a unique and invaluable opportunity for children and families to learn about safety in a fun, hands-on environment. Through interactive exhibits and engaging activities, children can learn essential safety lessons from trusted community leaders – the local police and fire departments. Sponsoring Safety Land supports:  

  • Promoting Community Safety  
  • Early Education and Awareness  
  • Strengthening Community Bonds  
  • Investing in the Future  
  • Positive Branding and Visibility  


One of the biggest suggestions from our attendees is to provide Tote Bags. Vendors provide a wide variety of event materials and other items. Sponsoring tote bags will provide:  

  • Branding and Visibility by having your logo on the bag  
  • Utility and Longevity  
  • Eco-Friendly Branding  
  • Fostering Goodwill and Community Engagement   
  • Added Value for Attendees  

In addition to the Exclusive Sponsorship benefits, this sponsorship includes your logo on 500 tote bags.  

This trackless train loops around the event venue, making it one of the most popular and visual attractions. Sponsoring a train ride allows organizations or individuals to align their brand with the joy, nostalgia, and family-friendly entertainment associated with this classic attraction. This positive association can enhance brand perception and foster goodwill among local residents. It's an opportunity to make a lasting impact on families while demonstrating a commitment to the local community by:  

  • Creating Lasting Memories  
  • Promoting Family Bonding  
  • Providing Accessibility and Inclusivity  
  • Supporting Early Childhood Education  
  • Positive Brand Association  

We rely on a lot of volunteers for this event. Being the sponsor for volunteers is a powerful way for your company to demonstrate its commitment to supporting local initiatives, recognizing and appreciating community contributors, enhancing the event experience, promoting positive brand associations, engaging with the local community, fostering employee engagement and volunteerism, gaining visibility and branding opportunities, and supporting youth development. It's a win-win scenario that benefits the event, the volunteers, and the sponsoring business. By sponsoring our volunteers, you are contributing to:  

  • Recognizing and Appreciating Community Contributors  
  • Enhancing the Event Experience  
  • Promoting Positive Brand Association  
  • Supporting Youth Development: Many volunteers at family events are often youth or students seeking valuable experience and opportunities to contribute to their community.   

In addition to the Exclusive Sponsorship benefits, this sponsorship includes your logo on volunteer shirts.   

This miniature construction yard, provided by MM Digging,  provides a hands-on, interactive learning experience for young children. It allows them to explore concepts related to construction, engineering, and physics in a fun and engaging way. Children can learn about different construction vehicles, their uses, and how they work together to complete projects. This play-based learning helps foster problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and an understanding of cause and effect. Sponsoring the miniature construction yard is an opportunity to make a lasting impact on families through:

  • Providing an Educational Experience
  • Encouraging Creativity and Imagination
  • Family Bonding
  • Inclusive and Accessible Fun
  • Brand Exposure*

*Additional Branding Opportunities with this sponsorship include: 

  • Trailer Customization: Showcase your brand's identity with signs, decals, or magnets on our trailer. 
  • Logo Placement: Display your logo prominently on the trailer's exterior and interior, including any apparel the “foreman” will wear.
  • Giveaway Integration: If you have a giveaway, it can be hidden in the dirt! 
  • Our team will work alongside your company to ensure the correct tone is presented for your brand.

General Event Sponsorship – $500

Pre-Event Promotion:   

  • Name recognition on the event web page   
  • Name on event signage    

For an additional $99, a single booth space (10’ x 10’ booth, one skirted table, two chairs, 8’ back wall, 3’ side walls, Electricity, and Wi-Fi) can be added.   

Contact us for more information or to become a sponsor.

100% of proceeds from Little Land benefit Partnership for Children of Cumberland County. 

2024 Little Land Sponsors and Supporters