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Kandy Dillion’s passion for writing and helping educate others can be traced back to childhood. Learning and expressing herself helped get her through lonely times. Having been in some tough situations, some self-inflicted, she knows everyone needs a helping hand sometimes in life. The best way to improve is to learn. The more you know, the better you can do. She likes getting people excited about learning, all learning, personal development, life strategies, formal education, parenting, relationships, knowledge of hobbies, and passions. Professionally, Kandy is an educator in the public school system (and has been for 20 years), who has worked as a teacher, assistant principal, and central service leader. Currently, she serves as the Cumberland County Schools Data and Accountability Coordinator. Her path has not been traditional or easy. She completed her bachelor’s degree while being a single mom, working full-time, and commuting over 100 miles each day. How? Lots of Pepsi and fast food. Working in high poverty schools enabled Kandy to apply her life experiences to assist others in growing. Today, Kandy helps people navigate the public school system and be as successful as students, teachers, parents, principals. Kandy continues to juggle many irons and wear many hats, mother of 2 very different daughters, daughter, Godmother, tutor, skin-care business owner, educational consultant, friend, and of course, a Pepsi drinker.

Literacy: The Early Years Matter

Reading logs. Computer reading software programs. Prizes. Rewards. Hooked on Phonics. Library programs. Activities. Consequences. These are a few strategies that schools use to encourage students... Continue Reading