The Partnership for Children of Cumberland County is seeking input on why and how people in our community donate to charitable organizations.

Please take a few minutes to complete our online survey by September 17th.

This CED committee is tasked with developing a fund development/philanthropy plan. Based on national data, it has been
determined that the focus should be on individual donor cultivation and volunteerism (growing volunteers into

To help us develop insight into individual and personal giving in our community, we have created a Giving Survey and are starting to roll it out with our board of directors.

This version: By asking board members to take the survey first, we hope to streamline this survey and add/delete questions based on your feedback. Then, we will release it to staff and committee members and ask for their feedback.

Next version: Release it to staff and committee members and ask for their feedback.

Final version: Have a community-wide survey that will help us understand the 5 W's of giving in our community and other information that will help us develop an individual giving/philanthropy plan and strategies for executing the plan.

The Community Engagement and Development Committee (CED) leads the Board’s participation in
community engagement and fund development. The CED Committee recommends policies for
community engagement and fund development and provides opportunities for Board involvement in
these activities. The committee will recommend plans and procedures, advise and support staff in their
efforts to strengthen the early childhood system through stewardship of local resources, community
engagement, strategic communication, volunteer recruitment and opportunities, outreach and
education, plans, procedures, and community relations.